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Fantasy Photo Sessions

“I am Batman!” Okay, not really but we all have an alter ego itching to get out (cosplay anyone?)! It could be a sports celebrity or a super fierce action hero, perhaps a fairytale princess or comic book character. A themed or concept-driven photo shoot allows you to get in character for a moment and take home some awesome images to show you off!

It starts with an idea, and then we bring in the costumes, props, makeup and lots of imagination! Get ready for some serious fun in the sun (or in the studio) as we unleash the inner beast in you! Professional hair and makeup artists are available at your request, we highly recommend them for this type of shoot to ensure every little detail is taken care of. Contact us to discuss the details of your themed photo shoot or to book it and put in on your calendar.



Sleeping Beauty houston tx cosplay

cosplay fairy

Houston Texas Fantasy & Cosplay Photography

Are you serious about your Cosplay? Lots of people are, but most of them don’t take the time to capture images worthy of showing off, I mean, a superhero (for example) should be portrayed as being hardcore! That’s what makes him/her a SUPER hero.

Pictures taken with a camera phone or point-and-shoot camera are anything but hardcore; further, in the wrong setting, or with the wrong lighting, posing or expressions, your images might end up being not-too-flattering. Here’s the good news: we have professional photography equipment and a keen eye for how to bring your idea to life! Sessions are now available for houston Texas cosplay fans, just bring in your costume (or should I say costumes?) and whatever props you have, we will do the rest. Contact us to see what we can do for you.