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High School Senior Photos

Attention high school seniors: Have you taken your high school senior photos? Graduating from high school is one of the first major milestones in your life and we think that is a very big deal! This is a special time in your life; you are young, you are beautiful, you are transitioning into adulthood never to return to the childhood you again (sad, I know…I’ve been there).  You deserve to have amazing photos of yourself because this is a time of your life you will definitely want to remember!

Not Your Typical Senior Photos

High school Senior Photography is about celebrating YOU and your unique accomplishments during your teenage years; it is an opportunity for you to make a statement and show the world the beautiful person you have become.

We are committed to providing you with a great photo shoot experience and some awesome senior portraits that will last you a lifetime!  We offer on-location natural light photography and also professional studio photo shoots like the kind you see on TV with models, props, makeup, fancy studio lights, etc. We like to have fun when we shoot, so we encourage you to bring all your silliness and style so we can capture it through the camera. These are not your typical high school senior photos, although we do that too…for your parents 🙂

If you want your high school senior photos to be different, let’s make it happen!  Contact us today.